Organic Maple Smoked Bacon


This salt-cured and smoked bacon is cut from the pork belly of our pasture-raised certified organic hogs, and has a touch of real maple syrup added.  You won’t believe the depth of flavour.

Our heritage hogs are grown without antibiotics or synthetic hormones, on free-range pasture, with 100% organic feed.  They live a stress-free life with no cages or crowding. We believe that this translates into the best bacon you can find anywhere.

This bacon has exceptional flavour, either on its own, as a wrap, in sandwiches, or crumbled into other foods.

Smoked, salt-cured, and shipped frozen to your door.

Made from certified organic, pasture-raised, free-range, heritage pork that is fed on organically grown feeds. Order your bacon direct from Small Scale Farms in ready to use in 1-pound (454g) packets, and we’ll deliver it right to your door.

Ingredients:  certified organic pork, maple syrup, salt, cultured celery powder, natural wood smoke.

Sold in 1-pound packages.

Price: $13.95