Make Your Own Medicine


Course Title: Land Based Learning - Development Series: Make Your Own Medicine


For far too long now we have listened entirely to other people’s knowledge of disease, rather than consult our own wisdom. But we ultimately all share the same goal: to keep ourselves healthy.

Quite frankly, we are not living in an era of preventative health. Nor are we taught how to listen to our bodies or how to pay attention to what a symptom is trying to tell us. 

So how can we get there? How can we learn?

This is the beginning. Let's learn how to make our own medicine.

As a community, we clearly need to learn more about what health actually means, and how we can achieve it. We all want to be the person who strives to maintain our health, before it’s compromised, but it’s possible we aren’t making the right decisions for that to happen. 

In this development series you will learn from health practitioners, farmers, and a mom who homesteads. You will learn how to make a very simple native medicine, and be introduced to simple concepts, you may have overlooked.

You will also learn the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology along with gut health, mental health, and general wellbeing.

Food is medicine, so this course has been designed to help you develop a solid foundation for the various things you can eat, grow for yourself and/or find in nature, to help target a wide variety of ailments. You will also be shown how to pressure can and preserve your own food, to ensure you are receiving the nutrients your body deserves.  

There is an entire ecosystem of medicine, just waiting to be found. Let’s start by learning together, about the amazing plants we have growing all around us, that we can use to help heal ourselves. 

When: February 12, 19, 26th


Where: Small Scale Farms 13145 Lundys Lane - Thorold/Niagara Falls Border. 

Cost: $125 + tax for all 3 classes. Please note: The classes will not be made available separately. Classes may also go over allotted time. Dress warm.

***Attention - please keep note of the class times and dates as once you have purchased your spot in our class, you will not be hearing from us again. We will simply see you when you get here. Bring snacks if you’d like but you will not need to bring anything to this class to prepare. We will supply you with a binder and a pen. 

There’s lots to learn together, we look forward to seeing you soon.