Land Based Learning: Introduction to Farming

$449.00 $550.00
Introduction to Farming

May 26, 27 June 2, 3rd,  9th, 10th

The Red Maple has made it possible for many people with little or no agricultural experience to learn farming techniques quickly and efficiently. Save yourself years of disappointment and learn from our mistakes. We’re here to show you the ropes.

What you’ll learn: How to Grow Your Own Food. This introduction combines biology, economics, engineering, chemistry, community development, and more.

Course Fee:

Each module is being offered individually for 449 per module.

Complete Certificate Course -

Please note: In person classes will take place on Friday evenings and/or Saturdays during the day, beginning May 26th.

Please also note: This is an active farming experience. Students will learn through doing, in kitchens, and outdoors, on the farm. Classroom, in person seminars will take place on either Friday evenings or Saturday during the day and online content is additionally provided. Students will create their own garden, from the beginning of the season, until the end, learning from their mistakes as they go.