Land Based Learning: Beekeeping

$449.00 $549.00

Sept 8, 15 + 2 experiences out at the hives

Bees are a super organism. Harnessing the power of the individual for the benefit of the collective is central to the organization of all super-organisms, including humans.

What you’ll learn: our beekeepers will not only introduce you to bees, but their function/importance in our life.

Course Fee:

Each module is being offered individually for $449 per module.

Please note: In person classes will take place on Friday evenings and/or Saturdays during the day, beginning Sept 8th.

Please also note: The Red Maple is an active farming experience. Students will learn through doing, in kitchens, and/or outdoors, on the farm. Classroom, in person seminars will take place on Friday evenings at 6pm.

Details: Once you book and pay for this course, please just show up to Small Scale Farms, 13145 Lundy's Lane at 6pm this Friday Sept 8th. You do not need to bring anything but we recommend you take notes. Class will take approximately 2 hours.

Complete certificate Course - See details here: