Curbside Pickup SALE - Small Niagara Produce Bag FREE HONEY or DANDELION JAM

$40.00 $44.00

Special offer: All produce bags purchased from curbside pick up will receive a FREE jar of honey, or a FREE small dandelion jam with your order. 

*Please note, this produce bag comes packed with fruit and veg that varies week to week. We may add produce that is not local but this will be limited. Availability depends on what time of year/season we are in.  

We also sometimes include "seconds" vegetables in our box, rather than throw them out. We hope you can still use 3/4 of the produce, by cutting out what's perhaps "bad" and using the rest. 

Please also note, the contents of the bag can change at any time, as this is how we help farmers best, by not letting any go to waste. This week's box is practically overflowing with local goodness and for the most part will include the following:

Carrot bunches 🥕

Black/Bunched/Daikon radish


Romaine lettuce 🥬

Celery root

Bunched spinach


Pears 🍐


Red and Yellow onions 🧅


Mushrooms 🍄


Peppers 🌶


Herbs 🌿


Grapes 🍇 

Bok Choy

(Contents subject to change at any time). 


This curbside offer can be picked up at our Food Hub located at 13145 Lundy's Lane, Thorold between 10:00-3:00pm this Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.