Certificate Course: Land Based Learning

$2,200.00 $2,900.00
  1. Introduction to Farming

May 26, June 2, 9

The Red Maple has made it possible for many people with little or no agricultural experience to learn farming techniques quickly and efficiently. Save yourself years of disappointment and learn from our mistakes. We’re here to show you the ropes.

What you’ll learn: How to Grow Your Own Food. This introduction combines biology, economics, engineering, chemistry, community development, and more.

  1. Homesteading

June 16, 23, 30

Homesteading is a life style of self-sufficiency and sustainability. It involves everything from growing your own food, to producing your own energy. This is where the course gets a little deeper into the “lifestyle”, and what it means to be both dependent on your community, and independent on your own.

What you’ll learn: learn to produce and provide all that you need to live. This includes the true basics of cooking from scratch, butchering, canning/pressure canning and preserving food, as well as the basics of natural medicines.

  1. Animal Husbandry

July 14, 21, 28

The main concept/requirement of good animal husbandry is to provide a safe and healthy working condition on the farm by continually identifying the hazards and minimizing potential risks.

What you’ll learn: Safe standards for feeding of livestock animals, health care, (prevention / treatment of disease as well as avoidance of cruelty, maltreatment or neglect to animals).

  1. Rewilding

Aug 11, 18, 25

Rewilders create new habitats and restore old ones. Rewilding is about creating the conditions for nature to thrive.

What you’ll learn: Ecosystem stewardship, permaculture, medicine, biodiversity, regenerative farming.

  1. Beekeeping

Sept 8, 15

Bees are a super organism. Harnessing the power of the individual for the benefit of the collective is central to the organization of all super-organisms, including humans.

What you’ll learn: our beekeepers will not only introduce you to bees, but their function/importance in our life.

  1. Traditional Ways of Living

Sept 22, 29, Oct 6.

Recognizing and valuing the importance of traditional ways of life (and the skills of the people) enables us to live in harmony with our environment.

What you’ll learn: Compass skills, observation skills, foraging, fire building, archery, hunting, snares, (trapping).

Course Delivery Methods


Includes online courses consisting of customized on-demand content and activities.

Blended courses

Contain a combination of eLearning content, application exercises, discussion board postings, webcasts, instructor-led face-to-face components, and mentor relationship.

Instructor-led workshops

Consist of face-to-face training sessions to facilitate networking and group dynamics. Instructors will be teaching through experiences whenever possible.

Please note: This is an active farming experience. Students will learn through doing, in kitchens, and outdoors, on the farm. Classroom, in person seminars will take place on either Friday evenings or Saturday during the day and online content is additionally provided. Students will create their own garden, from the beginning of the season, until the end, learning from their mistakes as they go.

Course Fee:

This 6 month course is being offered for 25% off for a limited time only. Introductory rate ends May 1st.

Course fee: Enrol for all 6 modules for just $2200

Each module is being offered individually for $449 per module.

Please note: In person classes will take place on Friday evenings and/or Saturdays during the day.

Bonus offer: Invest in us and we will invest in you. The first 20 students to enrol will receive $750 worth of our produce throughout our 2023 season, FOR FREE.

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Locally yours,

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