Action Plan


First things first, we need a game plan.

Our first move is to create a DATABASE for the Niagara Region. This is for those of you in our community who want to contribute time, skills, labour, goods, services, action, kindness, and/or love, to produce a positive effect, into your home and the homes of others.

What is the database for? To establish a trust network among people/organizations within the Niagara region, enabling us each to work together toward our collective best. Who you are matters.

To those who are unfamiliar with the ways in which they too can contribute into the greater good of their community, you will now have a platform from which you can explore and implement your own inclusion. We know that without comprehension and collaboration, we have confusion and frustration. This database is to help define our roles within the community, with the intention to actually be finding our true purpose in life.

The question is mainly, who are you, and who do you want to be?

This is a very simple plan, asking each resident of Niagara to recognize what their role is, regarding the creation of a self determining society. What is it you want to see in Niagara? What do you want to create?

Most of us want to be a part of a thriving community, where the people live well. This network has been designed with this in mind. To be both clearly defining the work that needs to be done, and to identify the people in the community who are already committed to helping make it one.

Moving forward, each task will be outlined by it’s particular need. For example, for the sake of comprehension, we have divided our community into pillars. Each of these pillars can then be subdivided continually, to reveal the task at hand, within a particular group or action plan.The further we break down each pillar, the clearer our tasks will be. Our main areas of focus will be: 1. Food. 2. Shelter. 3. Water however there are multiple pillars. Each of these things contribute to the state of wellbeing in our community.

Copy of FeedaFamily.caDefining roles and responsibilities

  1. Engaging our leaders: Our first job is to engage multiple stakeholders within the community, to both define and outline a “current state” assessment. Who is currently doing what? **This information has already been made available through many organizations within our region. Here we need people who can help with data collection to be used solely to frame and share with each other what our current obstacles actually are.
  2. Building consensus: This is the creation phase. Desired outcomes and progress/performance indicators are clear but they need to be shared with each other to be crystallized. Strategic moves result from obtaining information that can be clearly agreed upon, mapped and implemented. If you can help in this area you are someone who loves to brainstorm and mind map. You are great with connections and good at visualizing and communicating what is optimal.
  3. Responding and adapting: With multiple people come multiple obstacles. This step requires everyone in our community to do what they can to simply stay focused on the goal: a fulfilling and meaningful life. For you, for me, for everyone. That requires co-operation. And strategy. If you find yourself here, you are likely skilled in conflict resolution and perseverance. You’ve been there done that. Ultimately you are a very patient person and know now how to motivate others.
  4. Using technology to support collaboration: This is how we will share information. This is how to effectively communicate. This is about ethics. This is about morals. This is about treating people right, and implementing and executing strategies to provide the necessities for a good life. For everyone.Ultimately, social media is a tool, to be used wisely. If this is done correctly it will hold us each accountable, which is what secures action commitment from various partners. This is how we can communicate both our lessons learned, and our current roadblocks, which enable others to see and help. If you have skills in this area please let us know, we will need much help in the area of implementation/social media upkeep
  5. Management and execution: Once our roles are clearly defined, each party then begins to work towards their individual and collaborative goals, and collectively we can celebrate our successes every step of the way. Niagara region is a beautiful place to live, let’s each agree to love it pro-actively.#lovewhereyoulive

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·Summary/bottom line: If we do not have nor use the power of introspection to see our faults and correct them, than we are just as blind as those we criticize. This is the beginning. We have a clean slate, anything is possible.

It’s time to stop criticizing, we already know what we don’t want. It’s time to create what we do want.

It’s time to put a plan into action.


Feed a Family is a regional wide, collaborative, local food network. A distribution channel, designed to encourage Niagara residents to buy local, prepared meals, for others.

This is core to our ACTION PLAN as one of the key solutions to help Niagara residents recognize a healthy food system as the heart and soul of any successful economy.

This program offers $5 meals that not only feed others, but also increases local food security. The more food we cook, the more food Niagara will need to grow. More farmers = more local food. Prepared food. Healthy food. Food that supports our environment, in the hands of those who need it the most.

Feed a Family, hand in hand with our Local Food Program, sees to it that everyone has access to our healthy meals, and both of these programs double as distribution channels for local food. That is the beginning of a flourishing local economy. A sustainable food system.

That’s a self-reliant food economy.

These Niagara meals are already finding their way through existing channels including food banks, shelters, group homes, churches and schools. Feed a Family will simply help systemize it, asking each “PILLAR” directly, will you help?

If the local church doesn’t know that the local high school has no food, or the municipality is not able to implement their intentions without it’s residents, this is the answer.

If the corporation, offers it’s customers, the opportunity to contribute into someone else’s life, the wellbeing of another, we then have reach. Send out an email, sponsor our team. We run good business, we support the local environment, let’s work together on a project.

We can rely on the kindness of others. We just need to work together and these programs are what enable us to do just that.

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That’s all we are asking.

More details coming soon. Feed a Family’s future website is currently being constructed, and has been generously donated by Symetric Productions Inc in St. Catharines, ON. Upon it’s launch, we will have 25 teams, ready to go. Ready to help us find those of you in our community who can afford 5 bucks.