We are so excited to announce that after a year of hard work, the Food Program has really come together, and not only do we have a solid group of people in our kitchen, helping cook, prepare, package and clean, we also have an amazing amount of support from you Niagara. Thank you!

When you support our organization, we can feed more people healthy food. Feed your own family, and with a portion of the profits, we’re now able to feed those who can’t afford it.

This isn’t just about “making sure the needy eat”. What ever it is we have left over in our cupboards. Everybody eats. Those who need it, actually need it to be healthy. There’s no excuses.

There is no reason for it not to be healthy. In fact, those who actually need it, will be the first to say they want a home cooked meal. Something they know is good for them. They don’t want crap food either.

Who does?

This Food Program is about opening up local food distribution channels. Buy your local, prepared food from us, and you are helping us not only continue to grow ourselves, and also purchase from local farmers, but in so doing, we are now growing the market for local food. WE are increasing local food production, together. And the more we do that, the more accessible and affordable the food becomes.

Plus our farmers get paid a fair for the hard work they do in keeping our food top quality. We want the best, remember?

For you, for me, for everyone.

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Food Program – New Participants

Our next 4 week segment begins on Nov. 5th. Our price is $70 a week x 4 weeks, with enough food to feed at least 2 people, 7-9 meals. plus a one time $75 initial fee to help cover the cost of our compostable containers, (plus tax). If you are able to pay by email transfer, please do as it keeps our costs down. Our email is info@smallscalefarms.ca and you can use the word foodprogram (no spaces) for your answer. If you are a returning participant please continue to pay via email transfer, or see payment option below, your fee is $280+tax = $316.40 NEW PARTICIPANTS